Holidays on the farm

Pure, unspoilt country living...

If you love nature and animals, then you will love a farm holiday. A holiday at the Goferlhof in Walchsee is a wonderful opportunity to learn about country life in all its glory. Experience traditional, everyday farming life - up close and personal! Learn about feeding the animals, mowing the meadows and harvesting the hay on the tractor, right through to picking fruit and vegetables from our own garden!

Alm Walchsee Goferlhof
Kaelber Goferlhof Bauernhofurlaub

A real farm, of course, also includes animals. Pay our calves and heifers a visit in their stalls or in the meadow and give them a stroke - they’re waiting for you! Has a black cat crossed your path? Don’t be afraid! It’s just our Moritz out on his rounds. Especially for children, a farm holiday in Walchsee is a special experience. Watching the stable work and animal feeding time is always exciting, and maybe they’ll even get to give the farmer a hand ...

Once all the farm chores are done, it’s time to enjoy a barbecue in the garden while the children explore the play tower with slide, swing, sandpit and much more.

Farm Holidays in the Kaiserwinkl

Contact Goferlhof  

Marco Heim
Hochberg 46
6344 Walchsee
Tel.: +43 676 841 640 974

For questions we will be reached via Whatsapp!

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